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Let’s answer some of your most stressing questions. These are questions most of our patients have asked and also we have found relevant.

About Services

Questions related to our services.

We have all minor loboratory services and in addition we do a number of major laboratory services in hematology and immunology.

We only give credit through our hospital lifecare health assurance system. We call it Lifecare, all patients on this system can benefit from a number of services, including reduced cost of care, credit ability and others. Contact us about this service.

We have a fully managed and equipped radiology department that can do all Xray requirements, Endoscopy, Ultrasoundscan services and ECG.

We can handle all maternal needs, from antenatal, delivery and postnatal. We have a dedicated maternal theatre, Labor suite and a Nursery Neaonatal Unit for premature babies. We further provide immunization services to all our babies.

We have a 24/7 ambulance service. Our ambulance is fully equipped with advanced equipment. From respirator, Oxygen, emergency drugs, emergency medicine team, ECG and a detailed patient monitor.

We have a 4 bed capacity but upgradable to a maximum of 10 beds ICU.

About Hospital

Infrastracture and other amenities.

We have 3 parking space that can accomodate over 100 cars. It is available to all our clients free of charge and your vehicle is secure. We have a 24/7 security team.

Our Hospital was designed for comfort of all our patients including a walkway for people with disabilities up to the top most floor.

We have capacity to admit patients in all categories. From ordinary admission units to semi private, private, VIP and VVIP rooms. Everyone at Lifeline can be taken care of.

We have enough space for children to have an ambius stay at lifeline.

You can find washrooms at every level. Ground floor washrooms are near triaging area.

On arrival at Lifeline, you are received by a welcoming reception at the entrace of the hospital building. The reception will lead you to the Hospital triage are where you will be worked on by a team of nurses and your details be entered into the computer.

You will proceed to the cashier to pay for consultation and from their. You will be guided further