When you need expertise, you confidently come to Lifeline.

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Years of Experience

Most of our staff have over 30 years of handling patients in all areas of health needs. This means we are more prepared to handle your problem.

Evidence based practice.

We treat what we have confirmed and with our diagnostic process tailored to patients’ needs, we always get to the diagnosis.

Innovative approach to health.

We don’t just treat but innovatively discover the best for our patients. This keeps us at the top of healthcare.

Patient first.

No worries, at lifeline, you always come first. We understand how you feel and we give you utmost attention and make you feel better.

Leading Hospital in the country.

We are amongst the top 10 in Uganda and the first borderless hospital in the country.

We provide international services.

At Lifeline, we provide health care to Ugandans and foreigners from all walks of the world. We have staff that have qualification in international healthcare. We believe that your visit to Uganda shouldn’t be jeopardized by health, we can fix it.

Checkout our services

We have a number of services in all the major and minor fields of medicine. All your requirements can be met at Lifeline. From consultations, Lab, Radiology, Pharmacy, Admissions, Nursing care, Surgery, Maternity. etc.

When you need expertise, you come to Lifeline.

At lifeline, we combine experience and research to give you an evidence based holistic approach.

Community Health

Lifeline International Hospital has numerous initiatives that support the Hospital’s efforts to meet the needs of the community. There are over 30 programs and initiatives carried out or supported by administrative, clinical, and operational department at Lifeline International Hospital.

Search Diseases and Conditions

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